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22 july 2022 IRFP THEME
The Filipino in a Multicultural Community

Filipinos are no strangers to multiculturalism. The nation’s history is full of anecdotes in multicultural engagement dating back from the pre colonization period.  Traces of these activities are still evident in the modern times, with acquired cultural nuances incorporating itself in the modern Filipino economic and socio-cultural environment and awareness. 

Perhaps the most prominent narrative of Filipino multiculturalism in contemporary times is the extensive migration of Filipinos to different countries. Regardless of their reason for migrating (primarily for employment opportunities), Filipinos are known to excel in their professions and contribute greatly to their host communities. A best-known example is the undeniable contribution of the Filipino healthcare workers during the initial stages of the pandemic in Australia.

While the contributions of the community have been celebrated across the globe, the experiences of Filipinos in multicultural environments are not always positive. There have been reports of discrimination or worse, violence against Filipinos in multicultural environments. This year, the International Research Forum on the Philippines aims to explore Filipino multicultural experiences and narratives and synthesize these to understand the contemporary Filipino multicultural identity. 

Submission Guidelines

1.  An abstract submission must have a word count not exceeding 500 words.


2.  The abstract submission must include the rationale for the research, a summary of the methodology and a brief justification on the choice of methodology and a caption of the results and conclusion from the research.


3.  Additionally, the abstract submission must be accompanied by a short introduction not exceeding 300 words.


4.  The introduction should introduce the researcher, their expertise and/or specialization, and the research’s area of study.

Submission questions

Submission must include responses to the following questions:


a.     How does the study capture the realities of the Filipino in a multicultural setting?

b.     What important policy insights does your study offer in advancing the conditions of Filipinos in a multicultural setting?

c.      What are the insights that your study offers in the construction of the modern Filipino multicultural identity? 

submission format

Submissions must be submitted via email to

Abstract, introduction of the author, and responses to the submission questions must be compiled in one document and attached to the email as a file in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. 


Attached documents in other formats will not be considered, resulting in the invalidation of the submission.

submission consent

Upon submission, the researcher consents to the following:


a.  Posting of their abstracts in the IRFP’s official website and FASTCO’s social media and publicity materials for posterity and promotional purposes.

b.  Taking full responsibility for any propriety and authorship issues that may arise from their submission.   

c.  Providing abstracts of their research to partners and sponsor organizations. The author also allows a partner or sponsor organization to contact them in the event that the partner or sponsor wants to discuss their research further and utilize it for their purposes.

Submissions will be treated with confidentiality and will only be viewed by individuals and groups involved with the paper selection, the organizers of the IRFP, and the judging panel for the IRFP. 

submission deadline

24th June 2022, 11:59 pm 

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